I’ve always been a Good Girl.  Got straight A’s. Called all the adults in my life Mr. and Mrs. So and So.  Followed all The Rules.  Even when nobody was looking.  I am always NICE.  I’ve won awards, scholarships and have always done as I was told.

Motherhood changed all that.  All of a sudden, following The Rules didn’t lead to Success. It led to stress.  Reading five hundred blogs about how to parent my children to perfection led me down a road of misery.  I realized that there is a whole breed of us Good Girls and we try to be Good Parents.  But Good Girls don’t need any more Rules, Schedules or Tips!  We need to let go of some rules, forget about schedules every once in a while and STOP reading up on TIPS!

I felt the call to take “the other road.”

So, ever so slowly, over the past few years, I’ve been learning how to stop being a Good Girl and how to just be Me.


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  1. Kirsten says:

    Thanks for starting this blog! I am a new mom about to celebrate my son’s very first birthday…I found myself searching for that perfect, healthy sugar free cake for the party. It suddenly dawned on me that I could knock myself out making this homemade sugarless cake, that will probably have an odd texture and my son will only eat a bite or two anyway! This is just one example of the list of things that were making me feel stressed and crazy about a party he probably won’t even remember. So, now I am actually considering making a cake from a high-quality mix I found with sugar in it, (well, at least it is an organic mix) and call it a birthday. And I am inviting the friends I really want to see and thinking about what will make it easy, simple and not stressful! But I do catch myself sometimes falling back into the endless list of things I “should” or “could” do, and I have to consciously take a breath and let it go and get myself back to keeping it simple.

    I keep thinking about a friend of mine who had the “perfect” mother! After being raised by a “perfect” mother she felt totally inadequate and unable to become that “perfect” mother herself. She was different than her mother, she had strengths that were less of the “domestic” variety. So having the “perfect” mother, wasn’t really perfect for her after all! Therein lies the myth! And when she embraced being herself, her kids turned out just fine.

    So I want to join you in cheering on the choice for the “other road.” My current mantra is, “Less stress, more fun!” After a year of tips, schedules and pressure, I have to just trust my gut and do what feels right for me today. Thanks!

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, Kirsten! You are so right! And I really think you have discovered the secret early….it’s taken me until my first is 5! I love your mantra!

      Happy BIRTH-day to you and your son!


      • Kirsten says:

        Thanks Sarah! I think I will make this a “birthday” to my new approach to motherhood!
        And instead of saying “Less stress, more fun!” my husband now says,”LSMF!” for himself as well! Phew! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hope the party was a success and that LSMF still reigns supreme at your house! I could use a little LSMF around here today!

  3. I stumbled on to your blog via wordpress reader, and I love it. I am always striving to be a good girl, aka domestic goddess, but often feel inadequate. Maybe after reading a few more of your posts, I won’t stress about it too much anymore.

    Leanne at Hanbury House

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