We survived Noro 2013

12 days after the first projectile vomit and I finally feel its safe to say it’s over.  And part of me wants to write about how terrible these last two weeks were.  How our life has been turned upside down by the worst stomach virus I’ve ever seen.  How I just can’t get anything done!

And yet.

There is a part of me, whose voice is soft and gentle, calmly reminding me that not everything has been terrible.  In fact, most of the past two weeks hasn’t been terrible at all.  And yes, I did have three people barfing at me at one point.

And yet. . .

There were countless grocery runs made for us by a dedicated grandma.  There were hours upon hours of snuggles and movies.  There were mid-day naps in the living room.  There were friends offering advice, answering my early morning call.  Friends bringing flowers (man, those tulips really made my day!).  There was a kind nurse talking me through things over the phone.  And soup from a dear friend today, when I still just don’t feel up to cooking.

And even though there were many times when I thought I might lose my mind, I just can’t deny that there were so many times I had to just sit back and acknowledge that things were actually pretty damn good.  I am so thankful for my washing machine!  And hot water!  And bleach!  And what about the luxuries of baths, Netflix, cozy beds, ginger ale, and toilets that flush?

And in the bigger picture, in light of news of people in my circle who are facing much bigger challenges than a little Norovirus, there was always the knowledge that it would end.  Yes, certain moments sucked but we knew it was temporary.  Health would return.

My motto in the beginning, before I got sick, was “All you know is now.”  It was a bit terrifying to listen to my family dealing with this and imagine what was coming my way.  I just kept focusing in on the now.  It was surprising to me how many times I would do this little check in only to discover that “now” was really quite nice.  Like the whole family hanging out in the living room, reading books.  Or laughing with the girls over a part of our new favorite movie “Totoro.”  Or having our Daddy home with us all week.

While I wouldn’t wish this illness on my worst enemy (and I won’t let anybody in my house for a few more weeks or at least until I finish my coat of bleach on everything) I just don’t think I can say that this family illness has been all that terrible.

Imagine that!


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One Response to We survived Noro 2013

  1. Wow! Sounds like a rough few weeks! So glad you are able to count your blessings and appreciate the beauty of hunkering down with your family. To your health!

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