A letter to Good Girl

Dear Good Girl,

These are the days.  The days when you and I can easily agree.  We know, deep in our heart, what’s important.  You and I both know today that it doesn’t matter one iota that we all stayed in our pj’s until after lunch, that the dishes just piled up all day long, that not one single Christmas gift was wrapped.  Because, you and I, dear Good Girl, got to do something tonight that 20 families in Connecticut would give anything to do.  We got to hold our dear girls.  We got to snuggle them into pjs and lay with them while they fell asleep.  You and I get to tiptoe down the hall anytime we want and peek in on our precious little souls, knowing that at least for right now, they are safe and sound.

And so Good Girl, I’m proposing this.  A truce.  A compromise.  A shared goal for the coming days, months, years.  Let’s not forget this day.  Let’s not forget the gifts we are given each day.  And let’s work together to stop arguing and remember what’s important. I know this won’t be easy.  This news story will fade into the ethers.  Every day life will resume.  Whole days will go by in which life becomes ordinary again.  So, I know, we can’t feel this way every day. But maybe just a flicker can remain, somewhere in our core.  A flicker that will flare up in a heated moment of disagreement over some unmet expectation.  A flicker that will remind us to come together and hug our girls.

I believe in us Good Girl.  We can do this.

And in the meantime, I think we should just have that good long cry we’ve been waiting all day to have.  And send our love to those families whose grief we cannot begin to imagine.  And try to remember.

With love,


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