Good Girl Realizes

I have not kept my end of the bargain.  I am a couple of days behind on my “challengish” thingy-ma-bob.  And today, instead of working on one of the words from the list, I want to propose a new word.  A word that is hitting me at the core tonight.


The last few days have been downers for me.  I’ve been in a pit.  “The pit of despair!”  (Ever see the Princess Bride?  No?  Well, never mind.)  Regardless, I have been feeling pretty low.  Doing lots of “thinking.”  And crying.  And swearing.  And bah-humbugging.

And, as has happened to me a lot this fall, I am coming out of it with a renewed sense of how GOOD life is.  Tonight I opened my email to this quote…

“When you realize how perfect everything is,

you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

~Guatama Siddharta

It was front and center on this blog that I’m currently LOVING!

So today, I want my word to be…


Because I’m realizing how perfect it all is.  A loud, busy, impromptu dinner with my family and our beloved grandma.  Glasses of wine.  Beef stew.  Candles lit.  Blessings said.  Messy kitchens that somehow get cleaned up, only to become messy again.  Snuggly, freshly bathed children in pjs.  Gingerbread cookies.  And my current soundtrack to life, My Sarah’s Coldplay Fav’s.

I love these days when. . .




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