Join Good Girl as She Learns to Yield

As much as I try to stay away from “rules” and “goals” for myself these days (as they are such fodder for Good Girl-her eyes get all big and she starts panting at the mention of a new goal) I’m feeling the urge to do a little “challenge-ish” series here on Good Girl the Blog.  Won’t you join me?  Maybe you can help keep me in check!

For many months, maybe even years, my beloved Life Coach has shared with me a couple of lists.  They come from the book The Power of Receiving by Amanda Owen.  And the idea is that while neither list is “good” or “bad,” we have a tendency in our culture to reside more in active states than in receptive.  And this imbalance has some consequences.

Take a look. . .

Receptive States:  opening, acknowledging, embracing, feeling, yielding, feeling grateful, letting be, relaxing, hearing, including, being, observing, appreciating, accepting, revealing, listening, noticing, watching, attracting, allowing, meditating, contemplating, welcoming, letting go.

Active States: analyzing, influencing, defining, pushing, building, going after, talking, promoting, judging, holding, doing, hiding, investigating, multi-tasking, exploring, thinking, acting, forcing, controlling, persuading, shaping, informing, performing, evaluating.

Did your Good Girl (or Boy) get all tingly just thinking about doing some judging and investigating?  Did you sort of cringe thinking about the “woo-woo” idea of letting go?  Don’t worry, me too.  Good Girl is starting to sweat!

Back to my idea. . . I’ve seen these lists countless times.  But right now, it’s all hitting home like never before.  Good Girl rocks at the Active States.  She loves controlling, researching, DOING.  In fact, I would be so bold as to say that Good Girl loves to do EVERY LAST ONE of the things on the Active List.  But you know where that has led me.  To stress.  And to yelling at my kids!  And to look for a different way.  All of those things have their place.  But in my world, a lot less “active” and a lot more “receptive” is in order.

So here is what I want to do and I do hope you’ll join me.  I’m creating my own little Advent calendar of sorts.  Starting Dec. 1, I will choose one word from the Receptive list each day.  There are 24 (I’ll save you from having to count) so we can contemplate (man, I really wanted to say analyze) a word each day during this season of finding our inner light, while the world is dark and the days are short.  And we will really turn this season on it’s head, because it is supposed to be the season of giving (and doing, and multi-tasking, and going after).  And here we are, about to work on our powers of receiving.  I have a hunch this will make the giving all the more rewarding!

See you tomorrow for our first word!

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2 Responses to Join Good Girl as She Learns to Yield

  1. mpabbott says:

    This is fantastic! Love the concept of a new advent calendar. So creative. Thanks for sharing my info!

    HAve a good weekend


    Sent from my iPhone

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