Good Girl’s Thanksgiving Sucked

Don’t worry, this is a good thing.

It’s Monday morning after a holiday weekend.  I’m taking stock of our Thanksgiving weekend.  Good Girl did not have a good Thanksgiving.  My house wasn’t perfectly cleaned.  I was not the consummate host, always at the ready with the right food or beverage.  In fact, aside from Thanksgiving day, there was actually quite a bit of eating out.  Pumpkin pie was of the canned variety.  For one whole day of the precious 4-day weekend with our family, I was feeling quite ill and not myself.  My children watched one too many videos on the iPad so that I could have yet another adult conversation without interruption.  There was even a McDonald’s trip thrown in there.   The night of cards that I so looked forward to petered out far too soon, as putting children to bed makes us grown ups oh-so sleepy.  And I’m pretty sure my gut grew a few inches in just a few days!  So this Thanksgiving was not at all PERFECT.

And Good Girl is having a hard time with this.  But am I Good Girl?  Is this even how I feel anymore?  After mulling it all over this morning, I’m thinking that the REAL me appreciates what emerges from a not-so-perfect weekend so much  more than the picture perfect holiday.  Here is what happened this weekend, as seen through MY eyes, not Good Girl’s…

*A beloved Aunt and Uncle had ample “down time” to bond with their nieces.

*A magical pink dress-up box arrived (via above mentioned Aunt and Uncle) and resulted in hours of delight for both children and grown ups alike!

*Meals were made (including a very lovely Thanksgiving meal) in a group effort.  A busy kitchen, where those pesky piles of life had to be shuffled once again, bustled with the efforts of all of us.

*My mom and I triumphed over the turkey, no man needed to wrangle this big bird!  A certain hubby was really appreciative of this as he had a long day of work ahead of him on Friday.  Speaking of which….

*A devoted husband and father trekked out in the wee hours the day after Thanksgiving to bring home some much-needed extra bacon.

*Trivia was pursued!  Minds were “trapped.”  Laughs were had!

*Watching my brother and his wife head out for their jog, I realized just what an amazing couple they are!  And pretty darn cute, to boot!

*We learned what’s new with each other after months of only short phone calls to suffice for connection.

*Deep thoughts were shared by all on topics such as family, education, the future.  I love deep talks!

*A beloved Grandmother played with my children, while I have dozed on her couch.  All family was happy to bag plans for leftovers and toss out the turkey soup because it did not sit well with me.

*Pizza was ordered.  PF Chang’s was brought in.  Isn’t it nice that we live in a world where you can order delicious food when you just don’t feel up to cooking?

*Connection was had with other beloved family through the incredibly handy Skype!

*Nobody had any “have to’s.”  It seemed that everyone was happy to be low-key, go with the flow and just enjoy each other’s company.

*Big C had her own bonding moment with her Grandma, her Aunt and her Uncle over a new puzzle.

*An amazing family photo, orchestrated by the 5-year-old, now graces my wall.

*A family clean up session, led by Grandma, helped us all settle back in to “real life” again after visitors.

*A great phone call with a dear friend this morning reminded me that there is no such THING as a perfect Thanksgiving.  All there is. . . IS WHAT IS!

*And finally, I’ve realized that it’s OKAY that the girls had a “not so routine” weekend.  It’s no biggie that Big C had some trouble sleeping after all the excitement.  We have plenty of room in our very simple life to accommodate a few days of recovery from a very exciting visit with family.

Isn’t it ironic that I believe I must be a Good Girl?  Because it’s never “good enough” for her.  But now I know, that it IS good enough for me.  Thank you for “listening” because writing this post has helped me yet again.  To triumph over old beliefs and “shoulds” and recall this lovely weekend with thoughts of love, goodness and content.

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