Who said?

Who decided that my kitchen being clean was more important that what was IN the kitchen?

Cooking dinner a few nights ago, I pondered how it is that I picked up this belief that my kitchen should be clean.  Spotlessly so.  That belief has been so large and in charge that it has blinded me from the rest of my kitchen’s lovely attributes.  On this particular night, I consciously took that belief, put it in a box and set it aside.  Then I looked around and here is what I saw, heard and felt…

Family. All four of us, working together to make dinner.  Big and Little C built the salads at the table while E and I manned the stove.

Food.  Lovely, nourishing food.  Isn’t this the whole point of a kitchen!!??  My kitchen is full of both healthy food and food that is more for our souls (like the chocolate for me and the “orange” food group for E consisting of things like Fritos and Cheetos).

Messes.  Piles of our life, being pushed aside or added to, making room for our cooking work.  Paintings, planners, books, a half-finished lantern, rocks from a nature walk, bills, notes, pictures and probably at least one already-been-used band-aid or tissue.

Warmth.  The nights are getting so dark and our little kitchen glowed with both light and heat.  It was cozy.  We have both electricity and heat.  This, to many, is a luxury.

Music.  There was some singing and some dancing by almost everyone.

I don’t know about you all, but I would not trade one single part of that scene for a spotlessly clean kitchen.  Not in a million years.

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