Good Girls Only Vacuum on Thursdays (Part One)

One downside of being a Good Girl is that you are constantly doing things exactly when you DON’T FEEL like it.  Because of course, Good Girls choose what to do based on rules or what some expert said was best, rather than when it works for us.  A perfect example of this in my life is housework.  The Good Girl in me believes both that my house should be well-maintained (i.e. almost spotless) and that I should have a system for maintaining this spotlessness.  Neither of these beliefs is at all helpful to me.  Lately, I’ve been trying something new.  Doing the housework when I feel like it.

Are you cringing?  My Good Girl is in shock!  Turns out that I am not the slob that Good Girl thinks I am.  And when I do things when I feel like it and it’s in the flow of my life (and my family’s life) it all seems to get done more efficiently and with less suffering.  Honestly, I used to make myself NOT vacuum if I really felt like it on Mondays because THURSDAY is supposed to be vacuuming day.  What?  This is crazy talk.  I would have the time, the motivation, two children happily engaged in something else and Good Girl would say “Nope, you shouldn’t do that now. It’s not Thursday.”  This kind of thinking made life just plain HARD.

Remember my first post?  Remember how much I say NO to the life rising up to greet me  and YES to rules and judgement and suffering? Well, no more.  This morning I awoke knowing that I wanted to have a home day.  This is in our flow.  I could not have known that we needed this home day before TODAY.  But there you have it, it’s Friday.  Whatever I SHOULD be doing today, doesn’t matter anymore.  What life has handed me is two kids who’ve had a lot of OUT of the house time this week, a big pile of laundry, and guests coming this weekend.  So voila, a home day.  We’ve spent our morning puttering around to all the household tasks that we feel like doing.  A little laundry, some sorting, dishes, making a grocery list.  And sprinkled into all of this, a bit of Kindergarten homeschooling.  A little circle time here, book time in the bed there.  It’s all quite lovely and no system in the world could have created that for me.  Only me greeting what IS before me each day and flowing with what works.  So, sorry Good Girl.  As much as I love organization and schedules, I think this change is for good.

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