Good Girl Grapples with Love

I’ve always thought love is…..





*brimming over




*Mother Mary




But maybe love is actually……



Dropping f-bombs in my head while I speak calmly to my children.





Still holding hands and saying a blessing after a horrible day.








If this is the case, then today was filled with love:

Waking up groggy after a very sleepless night.

Trying not to lose my cool helping two little people manage an hour-long meeting meant for grown ups.

Completely giving up on all plans for story time and art project to follow.

Sitting in the comfy blue armchair, in the midst of a mess for about an hour.  Deflecting whines, hits, hair pulling and chair rocking by two restless monkeys who could have cared less that mommy only had about 3 hours of sleep last night.

Laughing with my mom over the phone.  So hard that my sensitive little soul, Big C asked me to “Stop Laughing!”

Feeding two growing girls chocolate chips to get them in their car seats.

Dragging my feet for so long to get motivated about what to have for lunch that we ended up going to Micky D’s!   (As I once read on another very funny blog about motherhood “McDonald’s happens!”)

Spending an hour at a park, children playing contentedly while I read my book in some unexpected fall sunshine.

Getting hit and yelled at by a two-year old.  Repeatedly.

Listening to the whine “I’m hungry” about a gazillion times and not yelling “shut up!”

Trying to ignore the fact that we couldn’t even see the carpet in our front room, it was such a mess.

My daily phone session with my mothering guru.  As always, such good chatting about life, mothers, ourselves, our children, and how we can sneak away for a glass of wine sooner rather than later!

Rallying for dinner and actually making the quiche (which everyone ate-a minor miracle!).

Making dinner and doing the dishes in the following AB pattern:

A-cut the onion

B-give the girls an underdog on the swings

A-crack the eggs

B-give the girls an underdog

A-roll out the crust


and repeat…

Cracking a beer, blasting some Barenaked Ladies, old school style, and cleaning up the kitchen.

Asking our beloved papa to brush the above mentioned 2 year old’s teeth, as my several attempts were met with more yelling, hitting and the throwing of the toothbrush.  He got the job done.

Getting excited with Big C while she showed off her new swimming skills in the bathtub.

Sitting on the couch, sharing a bowl of ice cream with E, watching some funnies.

Loving that a “no nap” day sucks around 4 PM but totally rocks by 7!

Hope your day was filled with love too!

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One Response to Good Girl Grapples with Love

  1. Melanie says:

    Yay, you made the quiche;)

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