Good Girls Always Change Their Shirts

A few weeks ago, my wee little’s and I were enjoying an inside picnic.  Lunch was served on a blanket on the floor and we were all watching Blue Planet as we munched.  Little C was sitting on my lap when she suddenly slid to the floor, kicking the cracker topped with a tomato slice right out of my hand.  Tomato juice glopped down the front of my shirt.

Not too much later, we decided to head out for a bit of shopping.  As I was gathering things to leave, The Voice stopped me in my tracks.  “You should change that shirt before you go out in public.”  Well, as you know, I’m into questioning this voice these days.  “Do I want to change my shirt or do I just think I should?”  The answer was clear!  I did not want to change my shirt!  So I didn’t!  Can I just tell you that going to the store with my tomato-stained shirt ON PURPOSE was one of the most liberating things I’ve done in a while!

On this journey to become less GOOD and more REAL, I’m noticing that it’s really in the details with me.  It’s the small, every day decisions where real change has to happen.  Kind of like doing foot drills at the beginning of soccer season.  Foot drills don’t teach you how to score a goal but you can’t score a goal without them.  Okay, well maybe you could but it sure wouldn’t be pretty!

I think after reading this, you may fall into one of two camps.

Camp One

You completely relate.  And in fact, the idea of this is so exciting that you are ready to dump chocolate sauce down the front of your shirt right now and head to the mall!  If this is you, I say, here, here!  (Only, don’t ruin a favorite shirt on purpose…..if you have young children around, you are bound to have this very thing happen to you shortly.  Then you can strut your stuff in your stained shirt with pride, knowing that I’m cheering you on in spirit!)

Camp Two

You are rolling your eyes and thinking “geez lady, there are much bigger problems in the world and you’re excited because you wore a stained shirt to the store?  Big #$^@ deal!”

Well, Camp Two folks, here is my response (and I’m really just imagining you right now-Camp Two is really just The Voice-don’t you recognize it?)

Doesn’t it all come down to this?  Someone (or an entire culture) holding onto a belief that doesn’t support humanity, life, love, peace.   “All people should love my god.”  Or “women are inferior to men.”

I am doing my little part to get rid of the beliefs (my SHOULDS) that hold me back.  That don’t support LIFE, LOVE, HUMANITY.  And really isn’t that all I can do?

I am absolutely not trying to belittle the problems of the world.  I grapple with the enormity of the world’s issue just like everyone else.  My husband and I watched just a small portion of Half the Sky.

By the end, we were both in tears.  How do you reconcile that you just saw a 14-year-old girl sold into prostitution in Cambodia and then turn off your TV and go to bed in your very safe and comfortable home?

But a very wise woman* once said, “What can you do to promote world peace?  Go home and love your family.”  I say if you want to promote world peace, challenge your beliefs.

Well, that’s what I’m doing.  Clearing out my $#@& so I can love my family.  At this point, it’s my contribution to the world.

*That wise woman would be Mother Teresa.

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